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TRUdermal is the only custom made take home mask in the professional sector that offers three different light spectrums depending on the skin needs.

With 3 LED Lights to choose from Blue, Red and Infra-Red.

Blue Fights acne causing bacteria and reduces acne.

Infra-Red Fights adult acne, heals the skin and increases collagen production.

Red Combats wrinkles, reduces redness and increases collagen production.

The TRUdermal LED take home device is designed to help elevate skin correction and achieve results faster. With the demand of busy lifestyles it can be challenging for a client to commit to coming in fortnightly for treatments, this is a great option for you at home to rejuvenate your skin!

This 10 minute commitment x 3 times a week over 6 weeks is the desired time frame for skin correction otherwise you can add this into your home care routine as a skin at home facial and for maintenance.


  • This product can not be returned once opened and used. As it has directly contacted your skin and is unable to be returned.

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